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Viajes al Mundo OP

Agencia de Viajes y Turismo

Carrera 16 N° 80 -18

Teléfono: 6517777 Ext. 1535

Bogotá - Colombia

RNT: 71206

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Disfruta Viajando, Nosotros Hacemos el Resto...

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About Us


VIAJES AL MUNDO OP TRAVEL AGENCY offers you our range of travel options which offer guaranteed to achieve greater comfort and pleasure when traveling services, we have qualified and responsible personnel with more than 14 years experience.


We tourism products, aimed at satisfying the expectations one hundred percent, tastes and needs of each of our passengers by offering packages for family vacations, business travel, incentive groups, honeymoon, ecotourism and adventure for all kinds of people .

We are an organization dedicated to tourism focusing on customer service, we have the support of 9 terminals connected to the most comprehensive global distribution systems reserves Airlines, Hotels, Companies Renta Car, Cards and international travel assistance, our staff, professional staff, and specialized are waiting to provide a personalized service with competitive prices.


We present the portfolio of services, where you will find the benefits and professional advice for each of their trips, whether individual or corporate; hoping in this way to start a solid business relationship that meets your expectations.

Our Services



  • National and international fares.

  • Hotels

  • Vacation plans.

  • Cruise ships.

  • Charter

  • Ground transportation.

  • Car rentals.

  • Individual Tours.

  • Hotel reservations online

  • Train tickets.

  • Receptive to our host program (Bogota - Colombia ) tourism.

  • Travel Insurance: Medical Assistance and losses.

  • Transportation of unaccompanied baggage.




  • Design, review and evaluation of travel programs.

  • Management agreements with multiple suppliers around the world.

  • Achieving and implementing the most convenient rates according to the needs and preferences of each client.

  • technological support for timely information.

  • Personalized advice for our tourism market.

  • Personalized advice for visa processing.

  • Achieving and updating news and offers in the market.

  • Management groups, excursions, charter and tours.

  • VIP service at the El Dorado Airport in Bogota.

  • Organization and management of events and conferences.

  • Return management of the benefits granted by suppliers (Programs of miles and points).

  • Support in the proceedings before financial institutions, to achieve credits for holiday purposes.

  • Presentation and processed by the financial and banking institutions, to achieve corporate credit cards.

  • Special Rates military.




Viajes Al Mundo OP travel and tourism agency offers business hours of 9am to 7pm on the Carrera 16 N° 80 -18


Personal attention in the following numbers:
PBX: 6517777 Extension 1535
Mobile: 3102462891 or 3102390453


You can also send your requests for quotation service to the following addresses:




1. Cash
2. Credit or Debit Card Personal or Corporate


Meet and address the needs and expectations of our Customers will supply full service leisure tourism and business tourism transferring a rewarding experience when traveling, thereby helping to improve the quality of life of individuals and businesses, developing all our operations with high quality standards through the work of a team of competent professionals with extensive experience in the tourism market, helping to create a better society and generating profits for its founders and partners.


To be recognized as the preferred travel of people and businesses in the tourism market achieving deliver services to our customers with total quality, maximizing the efficiency of our processes for the benefit of customers, employees and the company


VAOP strengthen direct sales and this will have a platform for sales and reservations of tourist services by developing a Web page that allows our customers to access real-time services in a fast and efficient which way will allow us to increase our results in sales and revenue.

Strategic Values

Customer commitment: We identify ourselves as a company committed 100% to the needs and expectations of our customers, so we are aware that in our organization customers always come first and are the backbone of our being doing and acting.


Quality: All our business as the delivery of additional tourist services and products we offer our customers and relationships with service providers are made thinking of delivering products and services that include high quality standards.


Ethics: Our thinking and our actions are governed within the professional ethics, operating our business with transparency, sincerity and commitment


Fun: Our purpose is to offer comfort to our customers who seek to live unforgettable moments in their travels either business or pleasure, this is where the fun plays an important role in the life of the company, our customers and different players in the business in general.


Operational excellence: Our goal is to achieve and sustain the highest standards of performance in key business variables through agile and reliable processes with active participation of workers.


Learning ability: The ability to learn, to move from the Troubleshooting organizational learning where the whole company and especially senior management achieves question and rethink their assumptions, based on experiences with our customers, suppliers of tourism, competition and environment in general which seek to achieve continuous improvement and generate the desired results with best practice.